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"There are several ways a person can rehabilitate an injury, but in my experience, there are only a couple of good solutions: l) An experienced & compassionate therapist 2) A dedicated & committed patient Since having a knee replacement over 5 years ago, and also having back & neck pain for several years, I have sought PT and strengthening exercises from a few different and reputable physical therapy centers. Although I did have some success and gained knowledge of better ways to manage my pain, the typical 30 minute PT sessions were not enough. After now being treated with Eddie's expertise during the 60 minute therapy sessions, I have experienced better results than ever. I would highly recommend a visit to this PT facility. Appointments are easy to schedule, and Eddie is very attentive to addressing more than just one injury at a time so the entire body can heal successfully. Thanks for caring, Shelli E."
Feb 22, 2023

“I am a cross country and track runner for Biola University and first began working with Eddie my sophomore year of high school. By adhering to the exercise routine that he had given me the summer before my season I had shaved nearly a minute and a half off my 3 mile time from the prior year (17:07 to 15:28) which is a massive improvement in my sport. By doing these exercises and learning new ones he’d show me along the way I went on to lead my team to state and break records in the 3 mile and 5K for my school and eventually got recruited to a university program on scholarship. As a freshman in college however, I became complacent in doing my exercise program on a consistent basis so I injured my back in a workout. Advised through athletic training at my school, I went the conventional route through my health insurance and began seeing run-of-the mill physical therapists. After my amount of visits were up, I had seen no improvement. I was stuck in a rough place mentally, I was out my entire cross country season and was left wondering if I’ll ever be able to perform the way I could again. I was running only in small amounts, doing pool workouts most days. So I decided to give Eddie a call and started seeing him every week. He gave me confidence , told me that this injury could be rehabbed, and that I'll be a champion. After only a month and a half of working with him, I was back to racing and was able to qualify for the conference meet where I would place and score for my team. Now I’m back at full capacity, contributing to a national meet bound team. Athletes know that results speak for themselves. Eddie is more than qualified and passionate about your recovery so you can reach those goals you seek. Eddie stands out from the other therapists in his field, he is worthy of your trust and he will FIX YOU!”

Jerry B.

"Eddie has been an absolute miracle worker! I've been dealing with chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, and jaw for over 12 years. I lift weights and run 4-5 days a week and also spend a significant amount of time on the computer daily for work (10-16 hours a day!). Because of the strain on my neck and shoulders, I've had incredible pain from developing forward head posture and TMJ. I've even lost about an inch in the length of my neck. To help ease my pain, I went from popping Advils daily, to spending thousands of dollars on chiropractic visits, dental mouthguards, Botox for my jaw, and a myriad of devices and contraptions.

Finally, a friend recommended that I see Eddie for an assessment for pain relief. She told me that after one treatment with him, her neck and chest pain disappeared. When I first came for treatment with Eddie, I was expecting to get beat up like I usually do at the chiropractor's or at massage therapy. Instead, he evaluated my posture and body mechanics, then provided me with physical therapy exercises to do at home. The regimen seemed so miniscule that I was a bit skeptical it was going to make a difference for me.

However, I was shocked that within just 2 weeks of consistent exercise, I finally started feeling some pain relief and was able to stop taking pain killers. As I continued to see Eddie, he would change my exercises based on my progress. Just 4 months later, my pain is SIGNIFICANTLY better. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst pain, I went from a chronic level 8-9 to now an occasional level 2. The occasional pain I experience is based on me forgetting to do my exercises, or after spending a long day on the computer.

Eddie is extremely knowledgeable and talented. He was the ONLY therapist I've seen in 12 years who was able to pinpoint the root of my issues and help me develop strength in the areas my small muscles had weakened. He did not just treat my symptoms like other therapists would normally do. HE HEALED ME.

Don't get me wrong, I still have to keep up with my exercises and there is always room for improvement in other areas with my posture. But WOW, Eddie has a knack for this. He will identify the root cause of your problems by assessing your body as a whole system. I'm so thankful to have found Eddie. Thank you so much for helping me finally find long-term relief!

Carolyn M.