We also accept Medicare.

Why is Fit Physio an out of network provider?

Physical therapists are considered autonomous practitioners, yet insurance companies influence what we are allowed to treat under reimbursement rules. Insurance companies will only reimburse for treatment directed at the specific body part written on the MD prescription. Research and 17 years of clinical experience suggest that a “whole” body approach is necessary for optimal rehabilitation results.

In addition, “in-network” providers agree to take a reduction in reimbursement rate in exchange for access to a large pool of patients. To make up for this loss of revenue, traditional clinics see 2 patients per hour, and in some cases, they see up to 3-4 patients per hour. During a one-hour session, one on one time spent with the physical therapist typically amounts to 15-30 minutes. The remainder of your time is spent with an “aide” or “tech,” as the physical therapist manages 2-3 other patients at a time.

Why should I go to FIT Physio when I can go to an in-network provider and pay less out of pocket?

The FIT Physio approach can produce optimal results in less time than traditional physical therapy.

Your FIT Physiotherapist has the advanced training and clinical experience to discover the Root Cause of your dysfunction so your time is not wasted on a treatment plan based on the process of elimination.

We combine hands-on Functional Manual Therapy and a one-on-one personalized exercise program that will get you better faster. FIT Physio incorporates cutting-edge, evidence-based modalities to expedite the healing process (click to get information on Class IV laser and PEMF).

Will my insurance cover any of the expense?

More often than not the answer is YES, although it is dependent on your particular insurance plan. As a complimentary service, FIT Physio will contact your insurance provider and discuss, in detail, your benefits with you and how your plan will benefit you under our care allowing you to focus on the more important (and less confusing) things in life.